My Name is Paris Brown


I was born with ADHD but I wasn't diagnosed until I was 3 years old. The doctor told my mother back in the 1990’s that the best thing for me was to put me on a medication called Ritalin. They had me taking 10mg in the morning as well as the afternoon.  I was also placed in Special Education classes.

As my mother was unaware, at the time, of the side-effects and consequences of this drug, I was kept on this medication until my 9th grade in high school. At that point my mother opted to not keep me on this drug any longer.  


This was the day that changed my life forever. Stopping with the drug helped me become myself again. 

I went on to graduate high school in Detroit, MI from being in Special Ed classes to having a GPA of 2.9!

My mother then assisted me in getting into college, and into basic graphic design classes, due to my passion for graphic arts. From there, my learning began, and my mind finally found something that occupied its interest. I was achieving A+ in all of my classes.  


I also started working with CITY YEAR for 1 year in Detroit.  City Year was founded in 1988 as a national service program to unite young adults from diverse backgrounds for a demanding year of full-time community service. City Year has grown from 50 corps members in Boston to more than 3,000 members serving in 29 US cities, as well as in South Africa and the UK.  I completed 1,200 community service hours with the program, which accounted for 50 hours every week.  I then went on to graduate from the program after being a member for 1 year.


I was amazed at how blessed I was to be able to complete these missions while still having ADHD. 

Now, God has continued to bless me by enabling my story to be published in various venues. You can find these articles under the News section. Here you will learn more about my story as I explain how I went from being a homeless man in Los Angeles and working on Skid Row with my ADHD and how God blessed me by enabling me to find different security jobs around Los Angeles, which included working security for The Golden Globe Awards and the Oscars.


The second part of my story is critical, in that I explain how Bank of America can help people born with ADHD, which is a true MENTAL ILLNESS and a part of MENTAL HEALTH. To find out what my goal is please check out this article in the News Section .



Bank of America is donating $1 billion over the next four years to community programs and small businesses to help address economic and racial inequality that has been exacerbated by

 Covid-19.  They also sponsor Carnegie Hall, the world's most famous concert hall, and are a proud supporter of their Live with Carnegie Hall initiative.  BofA sponsors and donates to many causes and organizations and also returned a record $34 billion in share repurchases last year, according to WKTV.  Obviously, they care about the world in which we live in and contribute and donate and sponsor programs and people in need.

How can you help?


For now, you can help me reach my goal by sharing my website to your friends and family. This would enable people to see my message and also share it with their friends and family. 

My goal is for my message to reach someone from the Board Of Directors of Bank Of America. Also, Bank of America has been a sponsor of a nonprofit organization for the last 30 years called 

City Year? The same place I was employed as a youngster.  Ironic indeed.

If you have any questions, please click Here!